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Hello friend,

We have an update for you. It's been a while since Infeeds was struggling with request handling due to limited resources, and having a small team to handle multiple tasks had gone out of hands.

We tried for more than a year to work on a solution to fix the problem and released Infeeds v7 meanwhile but the surge in requests only made our work conditions worse being a free service without ads. At last, we have decided to let Infeeds go for the good and work on projects that can help build a better internet.

Infeeds will be archived for the whole year 2021 for anyone to backup and discontinue its services by the year 2022.

We are grateful to you for being a part of this journey so far and would like you to be a part of our future voyages. You're welcome to subscribe to our developer blog for our upcoming projects.

Have a nice day!

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